To settle your order you can use one of the following payment methods.

1. Cash on delivery

If you choose to pay by cash on delivery, you will pay in cash at the time of delivery. The cost of cash on delivery is €1.50

2. By credit or debit or prepaid card

It is the safest way to pay, as all payments are made through the Alphabank environment, which guarantees the security of the transaction and does not share payment details with the company.

3. By deposit to one of the following bank accounts.

You can pay for your order after it has been registered to one of our bank accounts below.

– Alphabank – IBAN: GR2201408000800002002024914

– National Bank – IBAN: GR4901102150000021501012302

– Account Beneficiary: KERAMIDAS S.A

Attention: Any costs charged to you by a different bank are borne entirely by you. The amount sent to the Company Bank should be the exact final amount of your order without any deduction of your bank charges.

Please after deposit send us the deposit to for the fastest shipping of your order.